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The Wallace Flower Project

Flowers for the Center of the Universe!

About the Project

Hey there, flower children and cool cats! Welcome to Grow Wallace - the grooviest little flower project this side of the Milky Way!

The Wallace Flower Project, part of the Grow Wallace initiative, aims to spread good vibes and radical colors all summer. Each year we turn the streets of Wallace into a kaleidoscope of hanging baskets that blow our tourists and visitors' minds as they visit the Center of the Universe!

A Totally Hip History

Since 1990, we've been groovin' and growin', now rockin' over 225 baskets. It all started with the visionary Ron Garitone and fab volunteers like Iris Cantamessa. Our tribe of Wallace flower children continues to grow each year. We've been keepin' the faith and keepin' on bloomin' for decades!

Peace, Love and Petals, Man!

Support Our Flower Power Movement

Wallace's Flower Power Revolution!

The Wallace Flower Project thrives on good karma and the support of righteous donors like you. Your contributions keep our flower power strong, especially as other funding sources become as scarce as vintage vinyl.

Every donation helps cover the far-out costs of growing and maintaining our mind-blowing displays. All donations are tax deductible

Donate Today!

Keep Wallace Blooming to the Max!

Whether you're here in our groovy town or vibing from across the cosmos, there's a way for everyone to join our flower power movement! Plant a virtual bloom, honor a loved one, or go all out and sponsor a stellar basket. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps our garden grow and keeps Wallace blooming beautifully. Choose your level of cosmic involvement below and let's make the universe a more colorful place together!
With just $5, you can help our flower power reach new heights! Support our "Make Wallace a Bloomtown Again" campaign and watch our town transform into a psychedelic paradise. Your 501(c)3 tax-deductible contribution goes straight to creating a floral spectacle that's totally far out!

Choose Your Cosmic Flower Power Level

Spread the Flower Power, Man!

Flower Power Memory (Virtual Memory)

Flower Power Memory: $15
Donate a righteous memory or shout-out in honor of a loved one
Post a groovy social media memory or tribute by downloading a template

Groovy Petals (Virtual Flowers)

Groovy Petals: $5
Plant the petals of change in our community
Plant the petals of change in our community Perfect for far-out folks who want to contribute from anywhere in the universe!
Post a groovy social media flower by downloading a template

Project Sponsors

Spreading the Love

We're sending out good vibes to our sponsors, including Gravis Technologies, Inc., the City of Wallace, and our local foundations. You cats are outta sight! Thanks to all of the following sponsors for helping keep Historic Wallace beautiful!

Woodstock Wizards (Platinum Sponsors)

Flower Child Champions (Grants)

City of Wallace
Callahan-Zeller Foundation
H.F. Magnuson Family Trust
Frank A. Morbeck Community Foundation

Petunia Paisleys (Donors)

Greg Bosen and Sera White
May 1, 2024
Drew and Lisa Berg
May 1, 2024

Daisy Chain Dreamers (Basket Sponsors)

Ona's House Vacation Rental
June 5, 2024
Drew and Kristin Welch
May 14, 2024
The Fainting Goat
May 14, 2024
Art & Julie Thayer
March 14, 2024
Valley Girl Vintage
March 14, 2024

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Annual Woodstock

Our dedicated flower children get together every year for the ultimate planting party. From pickin' the most psychedelic petals to daily TLC, we ensure our floral light show shines brightly from May through the dog days of summer.

Join our Green Thumb Love-In!

We are calling all beautiful people! Come together for our planting happenings at the flower park on the corner of 2nd and Cypress in late May. All ages are welcome - from tiny tots to groovy grandparents!

Thank you to all of our volunteers!!!

Meet the Flower Power Committee

  • Christine Berry – Head Flower Child
  • Sera White – Keeper of the Peace (and Minutes)
  • Siobhan Curet – Guardian of the Green
  • Art Flemming – Tribal Elder and Historian
  • Elmer Mattila – Minister of Mellow
  • Janet Feiler – Sunshine Daydream Coordinator
  • Mike Feiler – Flower Power Plant Manager
  • Sarah Murphy – Blossom Guru
  • Shelli Niemi – Petal to the Metal Driver
  • Cecily Niemi – Tie-Dye Tulip Tender
  • Lisa Oestreich-Berg – Ambassador at Large of Flower Love

Tune In, Turn On, and Get in Touch

Social Media

Remember, Wallace is the Center of the Universe, man! So when you’re done admiring our cosmic blooms, don’t forget to get your picture taken at the grooviest manhole cover on Bank and Cedar. #GrowWallace #WallaceFlowerProject
Please tag us in your posts so fellow flower children can be hip to our mission!
It’s one small step for you, one giant leap for flower-kind!

It's one small step for you, one giant leap for flower-kind!

Tune in and Check Us Out!

Credits and Stuff

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