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Wallace Flower Project

Our committee coordinates and builds the beautiful flower baskets hanging throughout the streets of historic Wallace Idaho. The flower baskets welcome locals and tourists during the summer months.  We are very proud of our beautiful city and the flowers that dress it up in the summer.

The Wallace Flower Project is an effort that relies on volunteers, charitable donations, and city sponsorship. At least thirty individuals, numerous businesses and local community foundations have worked with us to accomplish this success.  The project was built on the vision of Ron Garitone and years of service by Iris Cantamessa and her helpers.  

We have been approached about allowing sponsorships of our baskets. The Wallace Flower Project committee will use donations to grow the number of baskets we put out each year and to improve our watering systems on some of the baskets. This website enables businesses, private individuals and charitable organizations to sponsor baskets.  Sponsers will have their names and messages displayed on a banner featured in our great town.   

Volunteer Opportunities

Planting will occur May 16th 8 am-2 pm. To schedule a planting time slot, contact Cindy Lien at (208) 512-4677 or  Come to the flower park on the corner of 2nd and Cypress to participate.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!!!

Project Sponsors

Thanks to all of the following sponsors for helping keep Historic Wallace beautiful!